New Opportunities with DISA

DISA has verious facilities like Training and  development opportunities for the members. Also walk-in event solutions for NGOs. They are Advertising and promotind development sector and building up a good database of development professionals.  Their services cater to build capacities for the development professionals especially for the junior to mid-level, of organizations, research the development opportunities, communication and outreach services,online support and events. Its really a Professional development.


3 thoughts on “New Opportunities with DISA

  1. Ram says:

    Development Initiative for South Asian
    DISA (Development Initiative for South Asian) is being working to connect the development professionals as well as organizations to leverage opportunities and communicate faster to deliver the results. It’s work is guided by the objective ‘Discover, Connect and Share for the Better World in South Asian perspective’.
    DISA, a venture of global virtual platform established by the group of devoted development professionals as a resource portal for the social development sector of South Asia.
    DISA has been working towards building a holistic resource portal for the Development Sector, providing information on jobs, trainings, events, Grants and funds, project proposals, internship and volunteering opportunities, fellowships and useful resources for Development professionals of South Asian.
    So you can find out your professional development opportunities from here. So go to the site and join with the community. Subscribe RSS Feed and E-Newsletter for regular up date about various opportunities


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