Revitalizing A Haunted Building

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What an Amazing World!

Lawang Sewu Lawang Sewu

A woman with long black hair wearing plain, white long cloth appeared, but her eyes looked menacing, her skin so pale, and her feet not visible. A man waved to the infrared camera, signaling his defeat to the challenge and a call for help. A few moments later the TV crew assisted him to get out of the near pitch-black underground chamber only to be interviewed by the host of the program shortly afterwards. It happened one day on the eve of dawn back in 2003 at Lawang Sewu, an early 20th century Dutch colonial building in Semarang reputedly to be haunted and the center of paranormal activities in the city. That episode of the reality show program ended up winning an international television award the following year.

Regardless the authenticity of the footage – we all know too well how reality show often is a staged show…

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